About Us

Dr. Gaspere Geraci

RYHE.org was founded with a simple mission. I wanted to give a voice and a platform for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (collectively Health Care Prescribers (HCP’s)) to express their opinions about their employers, and do that in a protected anonymous way, if desired. As the founder of RYHE.org, having over 30 years of experience in healthcare as an employee and as an independent physician, I saw how HCP’s are affected by great and terrible employers. I have spoken to thousands of employed HCP’s and heard their tales. I have spoken to hundreds of employers a handful of which wanted to let the world know how happy their HCP’s were. I have spoken to many employers who worked very hard to keep their employed HCP’s quiet and used their money and skills to paint a very different picture of what it was like to work for them.