Scoring Guidelines

How to Understand Our Ratings

Our rating scale is based on a measure of ten broad categories which. through research. we found to be critical to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants (HCP’s). Employers of HCP’s are usually hospital and health systems or large groups. Our focus is on these employers.

HCP’s are unique in that they are employed, but do not have to be. They are critical to the employer, but sometimes are not treated that way. The ratings are (as much as possible) not just opinions (Were they nice to you?) but measures of the respect and atmosphere (Culture) of the organization.

The questions in our rating scale try to determine if the employer has found the delicate balance between being overly authoritarian versus being controlled by the HCP’s as a group or by key HCP’s who wield excess power in the organization. A collaborative, cooperative organization with good communication will yield a perfect 4.0A score on our scale. This is a place where you would enjoy working if you believe that is the right place for you. Moving left on the scale, toward a 2 or a 1, generally means the organization focuses more on profit and power, treating employees like employees they can hire, fire and order around. Moving right on the scale toward a 6 or a 7, means the organization has yielded to demands of HCP’s who wish to control the organization for their own purposes and not necessarily to yield the best healthcare for the community.

The letter in the scale indicates the average variance from the perfect score of 4.0. Minimal to no variance is a score of 4.0A. A Score of 4.0F represents an organization which scores all 1’s and 7’s, which averages out to 4, but shows extreme swings away from the ideal score, all 4’s.

A Score of zero (0) means the individual doesn’t know, or has no experience in the realm of that question. Zeros are not averaged in.

You may decide what key measures are most important to you and can examine each survey response to determine your ideal working environment.

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