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Rate Your Healthcare Employer ( is dedicated to the proposition that Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (collectively Health Care Prescribers (HCP’s)) are often employed in large organizations and cannot easily express their opinions about current or past employers, or search for current HCP’s opinions of their employers when seeking new employment. They are in demand and being hired is rife with promises that are often not kept. Worse, once a contract is signed, many HCP’s find themselves trapped in an organization that through clever contract language and obtuse reimbursement systems has committed them to being stuck in an unhappy situation. Company rating sites for all employees that purport to rate employers are not customized to the unique needs and desires of HCP’s, and so do not satisfy that need. is here to allow you to search for reviews by peers of a respective employer. is here to allow you to enter a review of a former or current employer. Love’em, Hate’em, Rate’em! is here to allow employers whose HCP’s are happy and love their employers spread the word, or find out if your HCP’s are happy in a protected way. is here to allow any member of the public to see how their HCP’s feel about their employer. is here to allow professional organizations  for HCP’s to help their members find better employment and express their opinions about their current and past employers. is here to garner support from sponsors, interested in supporting our mission, and be exposed to HCP’s seeking  new employers and reporting on their current and prior employers.

I wanted to give a voice and a platform for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (collectively Health Care Prescribers (HCP’s)) to express their opinions about their employers, and do that in a protected anonymous way, by default.

Dr. Gaspere Geraci


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