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From Dr. Geraci, founder of

In my clinical and non-clinical career, I’ve been both employed and independent, having started my own practice in the middle of my career, and had a good multi-year run as a solo Family Physician, then added partners growing the practice even further. We realized quickly without the support of a massive organization that we were limited in our ability to keep up with the ever changing regulations, billing requirements and still generate a reasonable revenue stream. When we realized as physicians that, as one of my partners said, “We make about what a good plumber makes,” we collapsed the practice and each went our own way. I returned to employment, but not as a clinician and joined the insurance side as a medical director. Before venturing into my own practice, I worked for a large local hospital system and actually helped acquire and buy practices while practicing. I saw colleagues fired for objecting to corporate policies. In the following years, I watched friends encounter similar treatment at the hands of bad employers. They thought they could just practice medicine, but ran into corporate policies and arbitrary decisions. In the course of my career after that, I got to talk to hundreds of physicians, and discovered many felt trapped by clever contracts, attractive sounding offers, and then golden handcuffs – tied by dollars and then family to their current employer and location, and unable to leave because of restrictive covenants. They were miserable and trapped.

Large bad employers could buy great ratings from publications, make attractive offers to new employees, who then were trapped. They had no voice. If they spoke up, they were fired from otherwise lucrative positions, as long as they stayed and stayed quiet.

How could I get the word out? How could I expose, not only great employers – they exist, but also bad ones. Thus the idea of was born. A crowd-sourced collection of opinions on great, and terrible employers of Physicians, CRNP’s and PA’s. Help me spread the word. Tell your colleagues, add reviews of your present and past employers. Be anonymous if desired.

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