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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Now that I am employed by UPMC in the Harrisburg, PA region, all the positive things seen on TV...

Doylestown Hospital

Overall not a bad place to work. But expect the typical in that you are expected to bend over backwards to make patients...

Temple University-Episcopal Hosp-ER

Just stay away!

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RYHE.org is here

Rate Your Healthcare Employer will:
  • Allow you to search for reviews by peers of a respective employer.

  • Allow employers whose HCP’s are happy and love their employers spread the word, or find out if your HCP’s are happy in a protected way.

  • Allow any member of the public to see how their HCP’s feel about their employer.

  • Allow professional organizations  for HCP’s to help their members find better employment and express their opinions about their current and past employers.

  • Garner support from sponsors, interested in supporting our mission, and be exposed to HCP’s seeking  new employers and reporting on their current and prior employers

  • Allow you to enter a review of a former or current employer.
    Love’em, Hate’em, Rate’em!

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  • Can view overall scores
  • Can see full scores and ratings
  • Can see all reviews
  • Can create and edit own reviews

The Vision:

The object of RYHE is to not just help job seeking physicians, NP’s, and PA’s find better work but to increase overall the quality of healthcare employers by giving their employees the power to hold them accountable via 100% anonymous reviews. The only way an employer will get better is if they start feeling the pain of not being able to hire new docs, NP’s and PA’s. 

RYHE will help job seeking physicians, NP’s, and PA’s review employers by reading other employee’s reviews, just like people use Google or Yelp or others to read restaurant reviews. It will also give employers the chance to shine and promote their workplace if they feel they have happy employees.

The vision is that RYHE will be used across America, helping physicians, NP’s, and PA’s find the right employer for them but also start holding employers accountable with their reviews. Not only relieving stress for the countless tired employees in the healthcare field but improving healthcare systems across by board by giving employees that power of holding employers accountable for good practices and treatment of not only patients but of their employees as well. The happier our healthcare employees, the better care they can give their patients.

Together we can fix our healthcare system, one review at a time. 

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Dr. Gaspere Geraci

I wanted to give a voice and a platform for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (collectively Health Care Prescribers (HCP’s)) to express their opinions about their employers, and do that in a protected anonymous way, by default